Controlling Weeds Naturally and Adorably

Did you know that you can rent goats to landscape your garden? One of my favorite magazines, Good Housekeeping, just shared my top tips on organic weed killers, and one of them is the cutest and most natural weed killer of all – adorable grazing goats!

Also included were my tips on controlling […]

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See Teryl Designs Landscaping in LA Daily News

Teryl Designs was just featured in LA Daily News! My favorite outdoor lighting design ideas were shared with all of Los Angeles, as well as my tricks to making guests stay just a little longer through outdoor entertaining.

One of my favorite quotes from the article:
“Great surroundings really aren’t about the money. The outdoor area […]

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Earth Day Tips for Water Conscious Design in the Garden

Water-conscious garden design is important for anyone who wants to keep a green garden in California. It’s easier than you think, too! Below I’ve laid out my top 10 tips for living a water-friendly lifestyle.

1. Be conscientious with your sprinklers
Staying on top of your irrigation is always important, but it’s crucial […]

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Make the Most of the California Rain

I’m collecting rain water, and you should be, too! It’s so easy!

If you don’t have rain barrels, which you can easily buy at Target, set out plastic tubs and buckets as rain catchers.  Then, store it all in a large container to water the garden when it’s hot and sunny again!

Just because we’ve had […]

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Gifts That Give Back to Mother Earth

Don’t just give gifts to your friends and family this holiday season, give back to Mother Earth!

Thymes Fragrances is offering “Buy One. Plant One.”  For every candle purchased, a tree is planted in collaboration with Woodchuck USA.  Talk about a gift that will keep on giving! 

The candle comes with the serial number for the tree […]

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Staying Grounded During The Christmas Chaos

What a moment to capture on camera – such love and adoration!

This photo grounds me during a season where my decorating (and shopping!) can get a little out of control. Dear Jackie, your timeless style and class will always be the biggest source of inspiration for me!

Remember: the holidays are about joy, love, celebration, and […]

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Thanksgiving – Gratitude For a Fruitful Harvest

As we reflect on gratitude, I am reminded of all that is dear and closest to my heart;
family, both immediate and extended through friendships formed and kept for years.
Thank you all for the many joys you have given me, for there is nothing greater than
to love and be loved.

I am ever appreciative for wonderful clients […]

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Thanksgiving Decorating Made Easy

Fall decorating is so fun and easy…just pile on layers and layers of pumpkins!  And you don’t have to stick with the standard orange, either.  Branch out and make a statement with white pumpkins, multi-colored pumpkins, and even miniatures!  The variety will provide a refreshing take on the traditional Thanksgiving decorations admired each year.

Embrace the […]

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Autumn … Darker Days … Brighter Nights

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For The Love Of Figs…

When we moved into our Brentwood home it was a welcome surprise
to find a mature Fig tree in the far back garden. I have always loved their
graceful majestic beauty especially when they are in full leaf. Plus, there
is the added advantage of a late summer bounty!

We are officially in the height of “Fig Season” as […]

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