7 Tips For Fun Family Gardening

Belong Magazine May 31, 2017 by Brooke Saxon-Spencer Gardening is all about building memories with loved ones.. so what’s more special than bonding over a special afternoon in the garden & giving yourself a gift to enjoy for months! Read Teryl’s Blog...
Controlling Weeds Naturally and Adorably

Controlling Weeds Naturally and Adorably

Did you know that you can rent goats to landscape your garden? One of my favorite magazines, Good Housekeeping, just shared my top tips on organic weed killers, and one of them is the cutest and most natural weed killer of all – adorable grazing goats! Also...

Planting Trees for Tree People

Today I planted some trees for the great environmental organization Tree People. Visit their site at treepeople.org to learn how you can get involved too! Like this post if you love trees!
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