Teri On New Project In Manhattan Beach

Teri On New Project In Manhattan Beach

Teri prides herself in choosing beautiful flowers for a garden.  She loves hydrangeas. In the past few years, a few “everblooming” hydrangeas have been discovered/developed. These mophead hydrangeas will bloom much further north than ever before, and...

Spooky Halloween Spiders!

It’s the time of year when creepy crawlees come out to play! Decorate your home’s exterior with these spiders that I found at my local Halloween costume store!      

The inDeed campaign for nature # 6

Every 20 minutes, we cross over a line from which there is no return, as another species disappears. Species extinction is a normal process. But extinction is happening at least 100 times faster than it should. The last time something similar happened in the earth’s...

The indeed campaign for nature # 5

      Help restore the lost balance between humanity and nature through 6 easy commitments. Here is # 5 The average commuter emits more than 1,320 pounds of CO2 every year just by driving to work and back. When you carpool with just one other person,...
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