Preparing your Los Angeles Garden for Spring

It is still Winter in Los Angeles and your garden can feel quiet and a bit melancholy. So while we embrace patience and wait for nature to recharge our gardens, there are many things we can do to get ready for Spring.

Fertilizing your trees and shrubs can help the roots grow stronger and will encourage everything to grow once Spring arrives. Slow release fertilizers are best and there are also old fashion fertilizers that our grandmothers used that will allow winter plants to bloom like crazy. For example you can fertilize your Camellias with Epsom salts and activated charcoal (just a tiny amount to a gallon of water) . I do know that beer can get rid of snails (much better than chemicals in the garden). Now is the time to invest in good soil and amendments to help encourage the beauty that nature brings us each Spring. 

Primrose in los angeles ca
Here are some fun colorful flowers to plant in late winter…

  • Delphinium planted in mass can look so gorgeous.
  • Container plantings of Pansies, violas and trailing ivy can help cheer up the dormant winter garden.
  • English Primrose is one of my favorites. Primrose is great to use in borders or containers, blooms from winter to spring and has lots of pretty colors from which to choose. 

Just a few more weeks and Spring will be upon us, so get your garden prepared to bloom!

Happy Gardening my friends.

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