When we moved into our Brentwood home it was a welcome surprise to find a mature Fig tree in the far back garden. I have always loved their graceful majestic beauty especially when they are in full leaf. Plus, there is the added advantage of a late summer bounty!

We are officially in the height of “Fig Season” as harvesting occurs from August through early October. I’m already noticing the first sign of falling leaves which indicates their season is almost over.

If you haven’t already, find them at your Farmer’s Market or favorite spot for organic produce and try one of my suggestions below to wow your senses! Look for the basket of figs that are plump and soft without splits or bruising. If you notice a sour smell they are overripe and remember figs eaten at room temperature provide the richest taste.

One of my favorite hors d’oeuvres is Crostini toast, topped with prosciutto and fig jam. Ina Garten has a detailed recipe from the Foodnetwork.com that I have used for inspiration.

Another late summer favorite that my family requests is a warm goat cheese salad topped with fig slices. It makes a yummy and beautiful addition to any meal.

Fun fact:  Did you know that figs are a great source of the mineral manganese which is a co-factor in producing collagen and promoting healthy skin?
We all want great skin…..so eat some figs and if your garden permits, plant a mature fig tree for many years of happiness!

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