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Brentwood Hidden Treasure

Teri Ciarlo, owner of Teryl Designs Landscaping, has crafted a sanctuary in the back of a charming house in Brentwood that belies the fact it’s only a block off Sunset.

The long, roomy backyard is equipped with a couch and a teak dining table and chairs. Colorful pillows and cushions make the area look festive, and contrast nicely with neutral gravel. Lush Brazilian pepper trees provide ample shade and privacy. In the back of the deep lot are an herb and vegetable garden, pink crepe myrtle and ceanothus. The pink lemonade tree was abundant with its distinctive variegated yellow and green fruit.

Ciarlo struggled with grass that never seemed to grow, and because of the afternoon shade, was always damp and wet. Replaced with high-quality, easily washable DuraTurf, the area has now become a hangout magnet for the owner’s twin teenage boys and the family dog. Plus, Ciarlo adds, it “saves water.”

The yard is punctuated by pops of color, from flowers such as hydrangeas and camellias as well as large, colorful vases and pots. Jacaranda, pittosporum, citrus and magnolia trees create an attractive canopy and add color.

A bench offers a meditative space, and wicker and wood furnishings and decorations add to the comfortable, cozy feel. Lights hanging from a tree help to create a little sanctuary and nighttime Midsummer Night’s Dream vibe.

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