Spice Up Your Drinks With a Garden Garnish Bar From Jardesca

Have you ever spiced up your drink with a garden garnish bar?  I have! Thanks to Jardesca California Aperitif for making the Garden to Glass event so special!  This delightful family-owned Aperitiva company introduced me to the idea of putting a garden in your glass!  They pour you a drink, ask what you like: Grapefruit? Sweet?  Savory?  Depending on your preference, they enhance your drink with their own special garden garnish bar made of fruits and herbs, and mix it specifically for YOUR taste buds…talk about garden to glass! 

Many of you may have already heard of them, because they have been in Sonoma, Vanity Fair, and Sunset Magazine, but it was such a treat for me to experience them FIRST HAND.  So much fun!! I’ll definitely be calling them for my next summer party!!

Cheers, Jardesca!   Also, check their Instagram for more garden garnish bar ideas!

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