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Pacific Palisades home beautifully landscaped

Interior Designer Lee Ann Thorton designed this house around the beautiful landscape done by Teryl Designs.  Filled with boxwoods, peonies, hydrangeas, lavender, and roses, the garden rivals those of cottages in the Cotswolds, and sets a joyous tone up front that Lee Ann wanted to carry through the house. “As you walk up to the porch, past the pool and patio, you pass hundreds of David Austin roses,” she says. “It’s so cheerful, the blooms practically say, ‘Welcome, come on in!'”

Nearly the entire front wall of the house is lined with windows and French doors, which lead to the primary living spaces—the living room, dining room, and kitchen. “The whole front of the house opens up to the garden, so those colors were a natural inspiration for the interiors,” says Lee Ann.

Article by Mimi Read

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