As we reflect on gratitude, I am reminded of all that is dear and closest to my heart;
family, both immediate and extended through friendships formed and kept for years.
Thank you all for the many joys you have given me, for there is nothing greater than
to love and be loved.

I am ever appreciative for wonderful clients who inspire the magic of my design work
that allows refreshing interactions with nature, and the long-lasting
joy a beautiful garden brings to others.

Recently my attention is drawn towards the gratitude I feel for our beautiful and
diverse country. I am reminded to stand strong for the principals I was raised
with, and honor all who have made our nation.

Bounty prevails if we look for it in our own lives and acknowledge it in the lives
of others. May gratitude and honor reign key this Thanksgiving season.

Wishing everyone a lovely celebration with those near and dear to you.
Let’s push back the recent mood of politics and pass the pumpkin pie please!

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